In 2012 Jane and I decided we were ready to "retire" from our old jobs and embark in a new direction. Being lovers of hiking and outdoor activities, being able to live in an area known for it's scenic beauty seemed like a great goal. And having our very own bed and breakfast style Inn would be the perfect way to accomplish this. After visiting a number of parks in California, Oregon, Washington and Utah, we eventually settled on the foothill area near Yosemite National Park. Our extensive search for a home to convert to this end eventually led us to realize that we weren't going to find an existing property that would be suitable for our vision. Instead, since I had some experience building spec homes, we decided that if we could find a piece of property that would work, we would design and then build the inn from the ground up.

raw land

We wanted a site that could be considered a destination in itself. During our extensive search we found what seemed to be a suitable site on East Westfall Road. It was thirty acres inside the Sierra National Forest boundaries, with it's very own granite dome and creek cascading down the mountains out of the wilderness right through the property. We realized this location halfway between the mountain communities of Oakhurst and Mariposa, equal distance from two entrances into Yosemite National Park, would be ideal for both us and our guests. And when the previous owners showed us where the ancient natives had used some of the giant granite boulders to grind and prepare their food in an area near the stream - that settled it - we had found the perfect site. Only later did we discover that Mariposa is a truly wonderful little town to have nearby.


We decided to use a design that resembles two - two story homes put together side-by-side. The drive approach is along the side of the home, allowing the other three sides to retain the look of a house that has been placed in the middle of the natural landscape.

satellite EWF

We broke ground in may of 2013 and were able to move in by late summer of 2015.
We opened for business in June 2016, three years and a month after breaking ground.