Important for those staying in the cottage! - Our inn is 15 - 20 minutes from both Oakhurst and Mariposa so it is best to pick up whatever stuff you need on the way here, before you arrive.

In Mariposa:

Coming along the 140 from Merced or Yosemite you will need to drive into Mariposa town to get to our one supermarket. From Merced, as you first enter town, make note of the hard right turn that puts you on SR 49 south toward our property - but don't turn. Instead, drive through town, turn left just past the Burger King (Coakly Circle Rd), and follow the road around to the Pioneer Market, 5034 Coakly Circle, Mariposa, California - 209-742-6100. Coming from the national park, drive straight at the stop sign at the beginning of town, then turn right just before the Burger King. Open till 10PM in summer, 9PM the rest of the year.
There is also a small but complete health food store in town. To get there from Merced, drive past the Burger King to the stop sign. Turn left and immediately on your right will be High Country Cafe and Market, open till 7PM. From the park just make a right turn at the stop sign at the beginning of town.

In Oakhurst:

If you are coming in on SR 41 from the south, take a left when you get to the first traffic light at Oakhurst. This will put you on SR 49, the road towards our property and Mariposa. Right after you make the turn notice that there are two full service markets, one on each side of the road. Von's on your left, Raleys (our favorite) on the right.

Near our property:

We also have a small convenience market 8 minutes from our property:
Triangle Market: Take East Westfall Rd north ( a right turn from our driveway) onto the dirt section of the road (in wet times of the year this road gets mucky!). Drive along the 2 mile dirt section of road to where it becomes paved again and continue to the stop sign. Turn left (this is Triangle Road). From there it is about a mile to the market. They close at 8PM off season and 9 the rest of the year. 209-742-7354

Getting around:

YARTS is a local bus service to and from Mariposa, Yosemite and beyond. To avoid traffic, some visitors take the YARTS into the park then use the shuttle (see below) to get around.

The guided tours in Yosemite Valley are operated by Aramark.

The Shuttle services in Yosemite Valley are a great free way to get around.

Shuttle services up the Tioga Pass road are not only a way to get to Tuolumne Meadows but also a way to do a one way hike from Yosemite's high country to the valley floor.



This downloadable official map of Yosemite National Park is the same one they give you when you enter the park. A must for planning your trip!

This map of Mariposa, Oakhurst and vicinity is vey helpful for navigating the area.

This large topo map of Yosemite may take a moment to download.

This park service page has numerous topo maps and trail descriptions.